Valentine's Day Specials

New York Strip Steak Dinner

Create the perfect romantic atmosphere this Valentine's Day with our exquisite New York Strip Steak Dinner. Indulge in the juicy and tender strip steak, perfectly cooked to your liking, and prepared with love and care. Each bite is a burst of flavor, as the steak is stuffed with a delectable combination of cream cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and caramelized onions (your choice to have it stuffed or not). Accompanying this mouthwatering main course is side salads and a heavenly side dish - our garlic parmesan potato stack or au gratin potatoes, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. For a touch of elegance, we've added bacon-wrapped asparagus or a medley of butter herb vegetables. Finish with Cheesecake topped with Strawberries. Treat your loved one to a truly unforgettable dining experience this Valentine's Day. Order our Valentine's Day New York Strip Steak Dinner today and let the romance begin! One bottle of Ménage à Trois Red Wine is included.

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Chicken Charcuterie Board

Indulge in the ultimate Chicken Charcuterie Board, designed to delight your taste buds and impress your significant other. This delicious variety platter is perfect for sharing and features a beautiful presentation that will elevate your evening. Made for two, it includes a mouthwatering selection of
10 bone-in wings (your choice of sauces),
3 oz of crispy popcorn chicken, and
4 juicy chicken strips for a satisfying main course experience.

But the indulgence doesn't stop there. We've also included
4 delectable cheesecake bites,
4 irresistible brownie bites, and
4 delightful cake bites to satisfy your sweet tooth.

To complete the experience, enjoy
4 oz of a handpicked assortment of cheeses including Colby Jack, Pepper-jack, White Cheddar and Mild Cheddar and a bottle of Stella Rosa Blueberry Wine.

Treat yourself and your loved one to this incredible chicken charcuterie board and create a memorable culinary experience together!

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Assorted Boxed Chocolates

Looking for the perfect gift to sweeten up your Valentine's Day? Look no further than our delectable assortment of Valentine's Day chocolates. Made with premium ingredients, each box offers a delicious variety of flavors that will delight chocolate lovers of all kinds.

Choose from three different boxes, each containing a unique selection of chocolates.

Box 1 features a mouthwatering combination of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and raspberry chocolate candies.

Box 2 offers a tempting blend of milk chocolate, crispy chocolate, and peanut-clusters chocolates.

At just $10 per box, these chocolates make a thoughtful and affordable gift for your loved one.

Boxes 1 and 2 come with a Valentine's Day Greeting Card (not customized)

And for the ultimate treat at a very affordable $20,

Box 3 includes the decadent flavor of peanut-cluster chocolates and comes with a personalized card.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make this Valentine's Day extra sweet. Order your box of Valentine's Day assorted chocolates today!

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